Monday, January 21, 2013

Inaugarul Menu - Obama Style

Ernest Hemingway's Kitchen at Finca Vidia Cuba
The Presidential Inaugural Menu: All ingredients are sustainably produced. We are optimistic! All items with * are Presidential favorites.

O Chili in (or with) Pacific Rim Soup Spoons topped with smoked peppers & Sour Cream or, Chili Natchitoches (traditional southern pastry w/Chili Obama – requires baking)

*"Pupus" (Hawaiian appetizers) – this counts as three items (think food groups), pick three: 1. Hawaii Chicken and Pineapple Sate 2. Roasted Onion and Macadamia Hummus 3. Shrimp Ono Nui with Teriyaki-Coconut-Pineapple Relish 4. Baby Back Spare Ribs w/Hawaiian glaze (pick three)
Scallion grits stuffed Shrimp Or, **Shrimp MAC & Cheese Fondue with Sun dried Tomato and Crocottes Or, Mini Maryland Blue Crab Cakes with caper Sauce or, *Shrimp with Sun dried Tomato-slivered Roast Garlic Marmalade

*Maui Beef Filet “Chicago style” with Forest mushrooms & caramelized onion served and goat cheese mashed potatoes Or, Roast Tenderloin of Beef TexMex red chili confi y cilantro and fresh basil
*A Display of Fresh breads, Tortillas and Dinner Rolls

*Ugali-Tamales in Banana Leaf w/Chicken (Ugali is the Kenyan national dish – African Polenta) Or, Chicken-Pineapple Sate cashew sauce or, Goat with tortillas and salsa (available at market)

**Organic Broccoli and Roasted Vegetables (a medley of roasted and caramelized vegetables) w/dipping sauce Or, Carrot-broccoli Mousse or, Broccoli & Four Cheese “Chicago” thin crust pizza
Kona Kampachi (Yellow Tail) ceviche in endive Or, Tuna Croustade (Tuna with Cornichon) Tatar sauce or, *Salmon or Tilapia Mtuza Wa Samaki (Kenyan Curried fish) over Greens (Sukuma Wiki)

*Field lettuces with garlic, Spanish olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and parmesan with tofu croutons.

*Lattice Apple Pie and Peach cobbler a la mode (vanilla ice cream and toasted Almond slivers) Or, Coconut sorbet and Flan or, AWF Mini Viennese table

X. Kenyan coffee and Nicorettes (obviously we cannot serve these but we liked the idea)

(Yellowtail is a member of the Amberjack family - an Obama favorite - Thanks Kelly from Kona Blue water our friends in Hawaii.)