NEEM SAMOA - will replicate the Cuban and NEEM Agroecological model and act as a member of the multinational cooperative with Bolivia, Cuba and the United States under the NEEM umbrella allowing the organization to work collaboratively but autonomous with our new partner in Samoa. We are truly excited. Three continents, the Caribbean and Pacific? making a global statement on how things must be in replicable models designed to suit each projects environment, indigenous peoples, culture and preservation of traditions.
The concept for NEEM SAMOA - is in keeping with the other projects sites goals under Agroecological concepts and will work closely in Cuba with NEEM and the neem project in Cuba. We'll remain stewards, while serving the community. In the process we provide sustainable economic potential through sustainable production while addressing issues of food insecurity, health and nutrition.
The normal focus we have on scale projects of sustainable community development. One that is productive until the neem seedlings reach maturity and harvest capacity. We will grow and harvest neem, an answer to global issues. The tree of a thousand and one uses. Grown in the only place it can be to scale where the highest quality neem is produced; the pacific.