The most recent Presidential regulatory changes will make it significantly easier and more affordable for individual U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba, increase Cuba's access to international markets, permit Cuban entities to carry out transactions in dollars, allow Cuban citizens to earn salaries in the United States, removed 10% exchange on U.S. dollars, allow investment in Cuba, create entrepreneurial opportunity for Americans with Cubans and drop the ban on Cuban ports security. Remember that its not all about Cubans, its about Cubans and Americans. Our right to travel where we want and business opportunities we should have had years ago as friends and neighbors. That required visionary leadership; something we had been lacking for quite some time.
Leaders are often faced with decisions to make and promises to keep in the face of some adversity that are in the countries best interest because it is the right thing to do and best for America. Great Presidents  do such things.
"In 2007, President Obama made bold promises to reform Cuba policy as a candidate to the American people and then did the unexpected. He kept his word".